Academic painter Tetiana Kohana was born on 17.03.1991. in Kalush in Ukraine. She graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts Painting department in Ivano-Frankivsk. She completed Postgraduate studies at the same Academy: '' Prikarpatskiy Nacionalniy University im. Vasylja Stefanyka ''.

Tetiana had a lot of solo exhibitions of painting and drawing and had participated in several art exhibitions. She has won many prestigious awards in the area of painting and drawing.

latest works

Thematically, she is devoted to painting urban landscapes, people and environment with passion of visionary, and all she does is marked by her authentic creative personality. Art works of urban landscapes are related to natural landscapes and expanse of the country and abroad.

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Grad - Ivano-Frankivsk;

Street - Mykolaychuka 16,  apartman - 73;

Broj telefona -   +380 - 50 - 96 - 58 - 139

+380 - 96 - 011 - 48 - 52

Tetiana Kohana

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